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Ibis Innovations

Located in historic Maynard, Massachusetts, previous site of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Monster.com, Ibis Innovations is a consultancy that provides expertise, solutions, and technologies that have a significant impact on company performance.

Robb Knock

Founder & Managing Principal

Robb Knock is the Founder and Managing Principal of Ibis Innovations. With over 35 years of industry experience particularly in Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Heavy Equipment manufacturing, Robb brings this knowledge and experience to help companies achieve design excellence and cost competitiveness.

Graduating in 1989 with an Industrial Design degree from Carleton University, Robb holds multiple product patents as well as awards from the Society and Motion Picture Television Engineers (SMTPE) for his early development work with computer graphics technologies.

In the early 1990’s, Robb was engineering manager at an automotive plastics company where he developed an application to derive the cost of automotive dunnage, before moving on to a specialist role at PTC. Later at QStrat, he helped companies implement solutions to capture, understand, and track cost considerations for Request for Quote (RFQ) response during the design and supplier negotiation phases. As a Regional Director at Simutech Group, Robb authored articles on risk assessment early in the design phase for oil & gas equipment manufacturing.

Prior to founding Ibis Innovations, Robb was contracted by aPriori Technologies to lead and fix implementations of their costing solution.

Robb currently resides in Maynard, Massachusetts.

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