Product Cost Visibility Solutions

Comprehensive Suite for Cost Consciousness


hyperlean LeanDESIGNER is an integrated solution for 3D CAD systems to address Design for Manufacturing and Design to Cost (DFM/A & DTC) at the early phases of product development.


hyperlean LeanCOST is the solution used by manufacturers to quickly estimate process times & manufacturing costs from any 2D or 3D model for should, would, could cost analysis.

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hyperlean LeanCONF is a product configurator that allows rapid generation of products by manipulating the parameters to meet customer technical specifications.


QSTRAT QLM Sales is a Request for Quote (RFQ) management system that provides real time control, transparency, and automated tracking to turnaround complex quotations faster.


QSTRAT QLM Sourcing is a cloud based solution used by manufacturers to manage the supplier quoting workflow; submission analysis, requotes, and ultimately award stages.


IBIS Product Cost Visibility Platform is a suite of integrated tools that enables the interrogation and dissemination of product cost data in a customizable format.


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